Finger paint for babies and toddlers

Finger paint for babies and toddlers

Kids are always ready to express their creativity, especially when it comes to manually activities.

Finger paint is a big winner among kids all age! It can provide hours of tactile experimenting, color mixing, and artistic fun.

Finger paint is non-toxic, and is usually sold in packages of six bright colors. The paints can also be prepared from non-toxic household products such as flour or cornstarch. Some childcare facilities use instant pudding as finger paint eliminating the need to keep the children’s fingers out of their mouths.

Generally thicker than regular paint, finger paint is easy to get a grip on for the kids. All they need is to dip their little hands in the paint pot and let their creativity and fun take over. It’s generally a good idea to protect the play area to avoid having to do a paint job for the whole room.

How to finger paint with a baby?

Finger painting is a great chance for kids to develop their artistic expression. Yet again, for it to be a positive experience, there are a few rules to follow:
Let your kid do the painting: it’s OK if he puts paint on his clothes or on the carpet. As parents we tend to tense up and think that we need to show our kids how it’s done. The idea is to let them express their creativity and develop confidence.

It’s all about the journey: Whatever the results are, it doesn’t matter. The goal of this whole exercise is to let your kids have fun!

Be supportive and positive: Manual and creative activities are a great way to build self confidence and trust with your kids. We don’t care what the results are as long as they are happy and smiling.

Share the moment: Be with your baby, to obviously prevent accidents but to answer questions for the older ones and also to encourage them through this fun journey.

A selection of the best finger paint for babies and kids

Are you looking for fingerpaint for babies? Check out this small selection and share your favorite in the comments.

1. Crayola My First Finger Paint for Toddlers

Finger paint for babies

This toddler painting set: includes 10 sheets of glossy painting paper and 4 Crayola washable finger paints in red, blue, yellow, and green. Safe and nontoxic: this paint for toddlers is ideal for 12 months & up.

Crayola My First Finger Paint for Toddlers, Painting Paper Included, Gift



2. Creativity for Kids My First Finger Painting Set

Finger paint for babiesThis kit includes a re-usable painting station that keeps paint and projects contained! Painting station includes sections to hold and keep paint in place. Comes with everything you need! My first finger paint set includes: 6 pots of washable, non-toxic finger paint, paper, printing mat, printing station, tool tray, plastic apron, squeegee, foam roller and clean up sponge. Paint included in this kit is specially formulated non-toxic, washable finger paint. This kit also confirms to ASTM D-4236.

Creativity for Kids My First Finger Painting Set


3. iMustech Washable Finger Paints Kid’s Paint Art Supplies

Finger paint for babies12 Unique Vibrant Colors: The magic of color without the mess. This washable paint for kids includes red, yellow, orange, white and more! Our art supplies for kids are perfect for children and your inspiring artists! Non Toxic & Odorless : iMustech finger painting art set is non toxic, odorless and ASTMD423 approved. With our safe paint, you are allowed to create great work of art freely. Move your fingers, fist, palm or litter finger, dip into paint. Creativity at your fingertips by using this toddler gifts.

 iMustech Washable Finger Paints Kid’s Paint Art Supplies

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