How To Calm a Crying Baby?

How To Calm a Crying Baby?

Are you struggling to calm your baby’s cries? Well, here is a technique that should get him to stop in a few seconds! Calming a crying baby has never been easier!

What you haven’t heard about Dr. Hamilton, this pediatrician that calms a crying baby in a few seconds?

It sounds like crazy talk! Well actually it’s NOT! His video that you can watch below has close to 30 millions views, a youtuber dream!

I tried this method on Yanis my youngest, currently 6 weeks old and it works like a charm!

The method to calm a crying baby

The method he describes is the same he has been using for years in his practice in Santa Monica, California, to calm fussy babies!

Simple and innovative, this method consists of crossing the baby’s hand on his chest, and holding him at 45 degrees angle then rocking him gently. To avoid having his head falling backward just make sure you to maintain a 45 degrees angle.

Not sure yet how to do it, you can watch the video below.


The results are astonishing! That being said, this method only works for up to 3 months old babies. Beyond that age, the are too heavy to be held that way and in a safe way.

Of course if the cries don’t stop, you should probably ask yourself if your baby is not hungry, hurting or needs a diaper change.

I would love to hear how this technique works for you, please share in the comments.


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